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Emiliano Céliz

Emiliano Céliz is one of the finest silversmiths in South America. Residing in the San Martin de los Andes of Patagonia, he takes as his inspiration the splendor of his natural surroundings, incorporating the forms found in the beautiful lakes and the exquisite landscapes of the region into his work. His decorative artworks are wrought from a single plate of silver, a technique mastered by only a few artists in the world.

Artist Statement:

"Alchemizing the stone with fire, hammering and tapping, I forge the metal. Trying to persuade her gently, encouraging her into shape with my hands—it is an attempt to create. I imitate: the flowers, the waves of the wind, the blossoms, the mighty dance of life! I start by edging with steel; sparkles, textures, and shades are born. As bright as dawn, silver comes to shine."

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