Depths/Profondeurs Works By Thomas Boog

Maison Gerard

New York, NY

October 1 – 31, 2012

Press Release

Thomas Boog has made his name in the art and design world through his innovative use of the traditional art of coquillage.  Born in Lucerne, Switzerland in 1959, his fascination with this material stems from childhood vacations on the Italian Riviera.  There, he tirelessly combed the beaches in search of shell and coral, his treasures. After completing a degree in art, he would spend a decade as the design manager for Bally of Switzerland, followed by two years as Art Director for Charles Jourdan.  During this time Boog developed his design skills and honed his aesthetic, yet never lost his love for the marine treasures of his youth.

In 1989, Boog opened a gallery in Paris as a venue for his unique creations. The gallery quickly filled with decorative screens, cabinets, consoles, urns, light fixtures and mirrors; jewel-like designs recalling the Baroque while maintaining a firm tie to modernity.  His works are inspired by traditional Chinese mother of pearl artworks, masters of the Italian Renaissance and his travels around the world.  They are maximalist utilitarian objets d’art, alive with the sparkle of shell, mica, porcelain or marble, yet beautifully composed contemporary designs.  This is the genius of Thomas Boog, his ability to create luxurious shell-encrusted art, resounding with historical implications, with an elegance of form that plants them firmly in the present.  What could easily be cacophony is made harmonious through his refined palette and balanced compositions.

With seemingly boundless energy and vision, Boog has worked extensively in Europe, the United States and South Africa. His clients include Alberto Pinto, Tsao & McKown, Hermès (Paris and Tokyo) and Philippe Stark amongst others.  Constantly looking to challenge himself, he has taken on multiple custom projects. These unique site-specific installations can be found in private residences and hotels worldwide.

Maison Gerard is proud to present Thomas Boog’s latest works in his first solo exhibition in the United States. We invite you to immerse yourself in the depths / profondeursof his remarkable creations.

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