43 East 10th Street
43 East 10th Street

New York, NY 10003

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53 East 10th Street

New York, NY 10003


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Gerardus Widdershoven
Gerardus Widdershoven Founder
Benoist Drut
Benoist Drut Gallery Principal




After its founding in 1974 by Gerardus Widdershoven, Maison Gerard quickly established a reputation as New York’s premier source for fine French Art Deco furniture, lighting and objets d’art. In addition to presenting important works of Jules Bouy, Jean-Michel Frank, Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann, Jules Leleu, and Jacques Adnet, the gallery has been instrumental in helping build numerous private and public collections, notably the collection of Walter Chrysler Jr. (now housed in the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, VA), and the Design Collection of the Utsonomia Museum in Japan.

In the late ‘90s, twentieth century decorative arts specialist Benoist F. Drut joined Maison Gerard as a partner. An innovator from the start, Benoist began broadening the gallery’s scope to include both midcentury and contemporary design, and fostered the development of a wide range of recognized and emerging artists, including Hervé van der Straeten, Jean Girel, Marc Bankowsky, Matthew Solomon, and Miguel Cisterna. His mission was to collect a body of work as well grounded in the past as it was keenly attuned to the future. 

Throughout this evolution, the gallery strengthened its focus on, and passion for, French Art Deco furniture and lighting. By acquiring rare and special collections directly from artists’ estates and private collectors, Maison Gerard organized highly publicized selling exhibitions of Jean Royère, Line Vautrin’s jewelry, compacts, and boxes, and Maison Leleu furniture and lighting. Leleu is a subject of particular interest for the gallery, which has in fact, devoted five exhibitions to the famed French design house. The shows have included a showcase of Leleu furnishings and special commissions from the longtime patron, Pierre Frilet’s Paris apartment, and most recently in 2014, Maison Leleu: 1960s, a display of the historic Médy Roc collection from Cap d’Antibes. In addition to mounting exhibitions on the firm, the gallery provided the introduction to Françoise Siriex’s definitive text, The House of Leleu: Classic French Style for a Modern World, 1920-1973.

Today, Maison Gerard exhibits a range of work—from French Art Deco and antiques to contemporary lighting and ceramics—with an emphasis on authenticity, historical context, and expertise. The gallery occupies two storefronts on 10th Street. At 43 E 10th St. visitors will find exhibitions of work on the cutting edge of contemporary design. The space has hosted a series of compelling exhibitions that focus on artists and designers including Eric Astoul, Franck Chartrain, Carol Egan, William T. Georgis, Kiko Lopez, Achille Salvagni, and Ayala Serfaty. At 53 E 10th St., one finds emerging artists and art Deco titans nestled together comfortably—their work cohabitating so naturally that it is difficult to imagine their distinct origins. Benoist carefully curates the spaces with works that are at once aesthetically and historically relevant, and, above all, are exceptionally welcoming.

What may be most extraordinary about Maison Gerard is not what it has become, but what it has always been: the gallery has always maintained the distinctive welcoming character Gerard fostered in the ‘70s. It is not solely a place for design, but a place where design lives; not only where the old and new coexist seamlessly, but where it is easy to feel at home amongst the beauty of both. 

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