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Staging a Park Avenue Apartment

December, 2019

Benoist F. Drut of Maison Gerard stages a luxurious apartment at 850 Park Avenue in his signature aesthetic -- a harmony of 20th century antiques and elegant works by gallery's remarkable contemporary artists.

The winter show

The New Bronze Age

June 15 - July 10th, 2020

Tour Bernd Goeckler's new collaborative, community based show. A romantic partnership of two metals melded together to form something greater than their respective parts, bronze is the decorative embodiment of solidity and strength. 

Featuring Cristina Grajales Gallery, The Future Perfect, Hostler Burrows, Magen H Gallery, Galerie Regis Mathieu, and Maison Gerard. Now on view.

Edition Maison Gerard Stool

Under the Influence

Édition Maison Gerard

Maison Gerard introduces its new line of furniture, lighting, and accessoriesdesigns of consummate elegance & utility mined from our rich aesthetic heritage.

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