Carol Egan Recent Works

Maison Gerard

New York, NY

October 1 – 31, 2012

Press Release

Over the last decade Carol Egan has built up a sterling reputation as one of the world’s leading interior designers. From her Manhattan-based firm, CarolEgan Interiors, the Dublin native has worked on countless prestigious corporate projects and luxury residences across the United States, Europe and Asia. She has a unique, contemporary style that has transformed a range of spaces – from sleek downtown lofts to homes in Long Island’s prestigious Hamptons to a bespoke SoHo hotel. Her clients have included fashion ateliers, high-end retail boutiques and the New York Mets.

Most recently, Carol Egan has launched her first exclusive line of contemporary, minimalist furniture. The sculptural pieces are developed using 3-D modeling software and then each one is individually crafted by hand.

“As a designer, I’m interested in digital technology,” says Carol. “I am fascinated by the process of creating complex geometries using 3-D printer software to make prototypes during the design process. This extraordinary technology allows us to review and refine the design each step of the way. But what really excites me is when you combine this modern technology with traditional wood-carving. It’s in the hands of a refined craftsman, that each piece is truly made unique.”

The shelves and tables are carved from thick slabs of walnut, oak, and mahogany. The goal is to reveal the wood’s grain structure as it passes, first along a straight, rectilinear surface, and then through a radical 180- or 90-degree twist. To better see the continuous grain pattern, thick, heavy planks are used, minimizing the need for disruptive glue joints.

Admiring these remarkable sculptural pieces, the viewer is amazed by what appears to be impossible, twisted, contortion of a wooden plank. These forms are not achieved by some miraculous bending technique, however, but by the ancient art of wood-carving.

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