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Carol Egan

Carol Egan established a boutique design firm in 2002 that is the perfect size to provide a balance between exactitude and absolute client care for her selective and ambitious projects. These projects extend from construction and renovation to interior architecture and contemporary design for both residential and commercial spaces.

Form, function and process are key to the realization of Carol Egan projects. Comfort and ease of spatial relationships determine and drive the design intent which transforms spaces into homes that are rendered and constructed with unwavering rigor.

Egan’s work is a defense of craftsmanship, promoting the handmade and supporting bespoke fabrication and construction through her projects. This unique process allows for discovery and creation, for new methods and techniques that expand the possibilities inherent in the natural materials she celebrates.

Her work is a coordinated response to the architecture and form of a space. While Egan has a clear and consistent design style, there is always a diversity of aesthetic to her various projects in collaboration with the client and each projects particular needs.

As a furniture designer, Egan is represented in Europe by Dutko Gallery (London and Paris) and in New York City by Maison Gerard. She creates new forms with a rigor towards minimalism, accentuating the purity of natural materials and classic designs that can live within traditional, contemporary and modern environments.

Born in 1974, Dublin, Egan studied Interior Architecture and Design at Parsons - New York City.

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