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Aubusson Tapestry

France, early 18th century

TAP 01


Medium: Wool, cotton

Dimensions: 100.5 in high x 92,5 in wide

Aubusson, a town on the river Creuse in central France, became a center of textile manufacture in the eighteenth century during the reigns of Louis XIV and Louis XV. With a change in taste from Ottoman and other oriental rugs to European designs, Aubusson became the source for the aristocracy, hence the typically monumental sizes of Aubusson rugs and tapestries. Employing a method known as "warping" and executed on a low horizontal loom, the weavers of Aubusson were able to create an illusion of depth in their works. Aubusson pieces are also usually identified by their stylized framing motifs and neoclassical themes.

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