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Stacklab cubes

Founded by Jeff Forrest in 2013, STACKLAB is a Toronto-based design studio pursuing conceptual projects that span a range of scales and disciplines. STACKLAB has two divisions: OBJECT, an anthology of collectible furniture and art objects; and PROJECT, a design practice focused on architecture, interior design, and installations.

Rather than work backwards from the desired output, such as a chair or a home, STACKLAB applies a diverse set of skills and perspectives to problems worth solving. With a particular passion for regional manufacturing, the studio believes that the key to smarter, more efficient, and better-for-the-environment living is its signature systems-based approach.

A data-driven design lab, STACKLAB takes inspiration from the technology ‘stack’ which leverages existing technologies, infrastructures, and skill sets. By collaborating with regional experts in craft and science, oftentimes aided by algorithms, STACKLAB optimizes every manufacturing step to ensure it is doing the maxi- mum with the minimum. STACKLAB is rethinking the systems of today and inventing strategies to set in motion the circular economy of tomorrow, all while turning existing materials into singular OBJECTS and PROJECTS.

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