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Stacklab cubes

STACKLAB was founded by designer Jeffrey Forrest in 2013. The award-winning, Toronto-based art and design studio pursues conceptual projects spanning a range of scales and disciplines by working in close collaboration with regional experts in craft and science. The STACKLAB team is dedicated to design thinking and provoking meaningful discourse about the built environment and the objects within it. There are two divisions: OBJECT, their collection of furniture and art objects; and PROJECT, their design practice focused on architecture, interior design and installations.

Through experimentation, research and theoretical insight, STACKLAB explores digital and physical processes to create contemporary narrative works. Borrowing from the technology sector, their process adheres to the concept of ‘stack’-based design -that is, applied critical thinking that leverages existing technologies, infrastructures, and the people behind them to innovate. The ‘stack’ process is genuinely critical and does not favour a particular discipline or method. Therefore, STACKLAB’s work is recognizable for its approach, rather than its aesthetic fingerprint or form.

STACKLAB’s work has been exhibited at fairs such as The Salon Art + Design Fair (NY), The European Fine Art Foundation, TEFAF (NY), The International Exposition of Contemporary & Modern Art (Chicago) and Paris Fashion Week. Works have also been acquired by the City of Toronto’s Fine Art Collection, and the permanent Collection of the Embassy of Canada to Iceland in Reykjavik. STACKLAB has received multiple awards, such as The 2016 American Society of Interior Design’s Design Innovation Award, the 2016 and 2017 Best of Canada Awards in the product and project categories.

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