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Garrison, Sculptural Stool

Canada, 2017



Dimensions: 18 in high x 16 in wide x 14 in deep

Medium: Solid bronze


The original, award-winning Garrison was a sculptural iron casting intended for use as a stool or side table. It recycled two tons of rebar, enough to release a limited-edition run of 102 units, salvaged from the 2015 demolition of the namesake Garrison bridge near Toronto’s Fort York.

The first 51 units of the Garrison series featured a bronze-coated tip. That detail was the inspiration behind this recent addition to the line, limited to 30 units, in which the entire unit is cast in solid bronze and given a mirror-polished, waxed finish. The sand-casting process produces faintly perceptible irregularities that enhance the Garrison’s tactile appeal.


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