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Anna Condo

Anna Condo is a Armenian-born filmmaker and photographer who was raised in France.

From a young age, Condo enjoyed a passion for the arts and a love for the natural world's mysteries. As a teenager, she took art classes at the École des Arts Appliqués in Paris, and upon graduating, enrolled at the Université Paris Nanterre to study Art History and Archeology. That same year, she landed a TV role, transferred to the drama school Cours Florent, and launched an acting career.

In 1989, Anna began living between New York City and Paris. While in New York, she attended the Lee Strasberg Institute, raised two beautiful daughters, collaborated with numerous artists, wrote and directed four short films and three feature films, and published her first book, "AH Allen," a powerful tribute to her friend, the poet Allen Ginsberg.

In 2013, Anna rekindled a fascination with photography. The medium became a creative outlet she could explore in solitude, a counterbalance to the collaborative spirit of her film-making; and flowers became her ultimate muse. 

Her photographs are portraits, demanding of her audience a respect for her subjects. Some view the flower as symbolic of the naive; Anna's work proves the opposite. A cornucopia of culture, stories, and emotions are endowed in each model photographed. The flower is no longer fragile; she is strong. It is in her nature to bend to the elements -- a real break from the world in which we live. The flower is a lady first and foremost; a feminist before her time.

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