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Anna Condo


United States, 2021



Medium: Dye Sublimation print on aluminum

Dimensions: 16" high x 12" wide


Anna Condo, a filmmaker and a photographer born in Armenia and raised in France, has been photographing flowers, her "ultimate muse," since 2013. The medium became a creative outlet explored in solitude, counterbalancing the collaborative spirit of her film-making.

Her photographs are portraits, demanding of her audience a respect for her subjects. Some view the flower as symbolic of the naive; Anna's work proves the opposite. A cornucopia of culture, stories, and emotions are endowed in each model photographed. The flower is no longer fragile; she is strong. It is in her nature to bend to the elements -- a real break from the world in which we live. The flower is a lady first and foremost; a feminist before her time.


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