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Designed by Jean Dupas; Executed by Jean-Charles Champigneulle

Exceptional Verre Eglomise Panel From The Mural Rape of Europa on the SS Normandie

France, circa 1934



Medium: Gold, silver, platinum and palladium leaf on glass

Dimensions: Height: 49.5" - Width: 31.5"

A section from the glass eglomisé mural that graced one of the most luxurious spaces in the history of French Art Deco: the Grand Salon of the SS Normandie.

“This is a kind of Galerie des Glaces (Hall of Mirrors) over 31 feet tall, in the shape of a Greek cross opening on to the promenade. The corner walls are covered with sumptuous panels of silver & gold mirrors painted of nautical topics inspired of the Atlantic by the painter and glass maker Champigneulle, after drawings by Jean Dupas (1882-1964). This illustration gives a great account of the luxury in which the passengers of first class are immersed during the crossing."


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