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Janus Series

Since the 1990s Ayala Serfaty has forged a unique path in the world of contemporary design, creating lights and furniture that are at once natural and abstract. 

Her first in a new series of bronze works, Janus, is a low table named for the two-faced Roman god of time, beginnings, transitions, and endings.

These works are of a piece with her Soma series of diaphanous light fixtures, and her Rapa series of woven furnishings—a manifestation of the designer's ongoing research into cellular structure and organic abstraction. 

They are, moreover, like the others, an attempt to revive living spirit and energy in unorthodox, unexpected, and innovative forms.

With all of her works, Serfaty creates an affinity to natural phenomena, enabling a wide range of reflections within realms of materiality, philosophy, and culture—exploring the sensations, thoughts, and love with which all living things are suffused. 

In the following video Serfaty discusses Janus in further depth, delving into its goals, its inspiration, and the process by which it came to life. 

We hope you enjoy!


A large low table, suitable for both indoors and outdoors, Janus is available in five patina variations. This edition will be presented for the first time at Design Miami. The other, larger table featured is called Masha.

To explore works from our collection, please click on the text of this sentence. If you have any questions about either table, or about the show, please don't hesitate to call us at 212-674-7611 or write us at


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