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Matthew Campbell Laurenza

American-born and a global citizen at heart, Matthew is a true artist to the core. A Fine Arts graduate, his body of work,spanning over two decades, encompasses sculpture, objets d’arts, fine jewelry and painting, all reflective of his extensive and continuing travels. His pieces are held in private collections of the rich, royal and famous, and have been displayed in exhibitions worldwide, including in luxury stores such as Harrods, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Lane Crawford, from Asia, Russia and the Middle East, to Europe and the US. The fluidity to Matthew’s designs maps his journeys across the planet, expresses his profound interest in history and culture, and is a virtual library of his cumulative experience. A meticulous craftsmanship is one of the feature hallmarks of Matthew’s works, blended with natural precious and semi-precious stones, resulting in enviable and opulent articulations of his creative soul. 

Dedicated to the value of and, therefore, the sustainability of authentic craft, Matthew insists on intricate handcrafting, by skilled artisans, compensated with fair wages. Sustainability permeates all of his work, recycling, reusing and repurposing wherever possible, and ensuring ethical sourcing and production. Under his personal mantra of ‘cherishable, not perishable’, Matthew creates timeless pieces, with a stringent quality of finish.

Matthew Campbell Laurenza’s designs stand as works of art showcasing superb traditional craftsmanship with the finest materials and ancient techniques. Matthew’s intensive, and most often lengthy, design process ensures exceptional quality that rivals top-tier luxury labels. Design inspiration and its intricacies are derived from the art, architecture, culture and history Matthew immerses himself in. 

The first stage of design usually takes place in Matthew’s sketchbook, where he translates his inspirations into preliminary drawings, unless he instantly takes to carving abstract forms which reveal themselves as he works. The designs are then tweaked to perfection, before actual prototypes are executed; no computer-generated images are ever used in the creation of his designs.

Quality and production measures are extremely stringent for each piece Matthew designs and creates. Colorful natural stones are sourced, selected and combined, from around the world, for each design. All rough stones are chosen by certified staff and shaped by the finest stone-cutters, to ensure optimum clarity and beauty. The provenance of stones, which are ethically sourced, offers nuance in each design, whether in surface texture or color gradient, to provide a unique identity. Matthew takes great care in choosing each stone to perfectly match the desired aesthetic for placement in each work of art.

Matthew strictly forbids the use of adhesive products to glue stones in place, and only implements hand-setting. This labor- intensive technique not only provides secure setting for every stone, but also results in superior texture and more vibrant sparkle.

Preserving these centuries-old, small-batch, artisanal techniques, to ensure their longevity is one of Matthew’s missions, in stark contrast to today’s unsustainable, high-waste, disposal, fast-fashion tendencies of mass production.

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