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Edition Maison Gerard

Under the Influence: Édition Maison Gerard

In 1974, Maison Gerard opened its doors, creating a little oasis of French deco furniture in the heart of Greenwich Village. In the late 1990s, the gallery began representing the work of a few extraordinary designers and artists, and quickly made yet another name for itself as a premier gallery of contemporary design. Now, after forty-five years selling some of the most beautiful things in the world, we are delighted to announce we’ve made a few of our own.

Our new line of furniture, lighting, and accessories is made up of clever designs mined from our rich aesthetic heritage – works of consummate elegance & utility. The pieces are, above all else, marked by the gallery’s distinctive eclecticism, taking as their inspiration subjects as far afield as medieval Europe, the common champignon, and melted wax. Rendered in sleek lines of wrought iron or steel and clad in traditional materials—sumptuous upholsteries, gilding, and rare stones—the pieces are at once modern & age-old, light & strong, playful & reserved. They are Under the Influence.

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