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Süe & Mare

An Important Ninety-One Piece Dinner Service

France, circa 1925

SUE 14


Medium: Glazed faience

This 91 piece glazed faience dinner service, executed at the Faiencerie of Marcel Meran in L’Isle Adam for the Compagnie des Arts Français, is a consummate example of the firm's dual focus on heritage and modernity. Süe et Mare were known for updating the Louis-Philippe era, which they considered “the last truly French style,” employing pared-down forms, stylized decorative elements, and a modern palette.

The service comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Musée des Arts Décoratifs and consists of approximately:

22   Dinner Plates,   Diameter: 9.75" 
20   Desert Plates,   Diameter: 9.25"   
18   Shallow Soup Bowls,   Diameter: 9.75"  
16   Bread Plates,   Diameter: 7.5" 

1  Serving Plate,   Diameter: 11" 
1  Shallow Serving Plate,   Diameter: 11" 
2  Oval Serving Plates,   Diameter: 22.5"
1  Square Cake Platter,   Diameter: 10.5"
2  Oval Serving Dishes,   Diameter: 14.5"
1  Deep Oval Serving Dish,   Diameter: 15"
1  Deep Oval Serving Dish,   Diameter: 17"
1  Rectangular Serving Platter,   Diameter: 23.25"
1  Fruit Bowl,   Diameter: 12.25"
1  Deep Bowl,   Diameter: 12.25"
2  Square Candy Dishes,   Diameter: 7.5"
1  Covered Tureen,   Diameter: 11.5"

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