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Medium: Glazed Ceramic

Dimensions: 140 in high x 80 in wide

Peter Lane's custom wall-mounted ceramic fountain is inspired by Italian grottoes, and is a presence difficult to ignore. Its remarkably dynamic texture is the result of the artist’s tireless hand manipulation, and is enhanced by the water that trickles through crevices and down the face of the formal rectangular centerpiece. The water—its movement, sound, and the sheen with which it transforms the piece’s stormy, metallic glaze—invigorates the work, augmenting its monolithic aura.

Signed: Peter Lane.  Unique.

Installation of ceramic elements included; shipping not included.

Disclaimer:  Water pump mechanicals included – however, purchaser assumes all responsibility for installation of water element in accordance with relevant building and plumbing codes, including any water damage, etc. that might occur post-installation.

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