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Line Vautrin

Round Lidded Box

France, Mid-20th Century

LV 188



Height: 1.325" - Diameter: 4.5"

Line Vautrin, a revered French artist of the 20th century once dubbed “the poetess of metal” by Vogue magazine, created a legacy of inspired work that The New York Times described as “bold, brilliant, barbaric and intricately crafted.” Her idiosyncratic vision and refined craftsmanship gave rise to highly original jewelry and decorative objects, infused with her passion for language and symbology. Folk tales, lines of poetry and aphorisms were all fodder for her clever imagination. She became known for the whimsy and double entendres layered onto her beautiful pieces, and for her witty use of the rebus, complex visual riddles in which words are represented by elaborate combinations of pictures and letters.

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