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Jaimal Odedra

Hearts, Paperweights in Four Sizes

Morocco, 2016



Medium: Sand Cast Bronze


XS: .5 in high x 1.5 in long x 1.75 in deep
S: 1 in high x 3.75 in long x 2.5 in deep
M: 2.5 in high x 4.5 in long x 3.75 in deep
L: 2 in high x 6 in long x 5.25 in deep

Signed: Jaimal Odedra

The many sides and gentle angles of these remarkable heart-shaped paper weights allow them to reflect much of the light and motion of their surroundings, and cause them to change appearance with each shift of perspective. The weights come in four sizes and each is modeled and cast by hand using a traditional Moroccan sand casting method.

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