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Medium: Sand-cast polished bronze

Dimensions of smallest: 3.25 in high x 3.25 in wide x 3.25 in deep

Dimensions of largest: 6.5 in high x 5.5 in wide x 5.5 in deep


Signed: Jaimal Odedra

Each piece is modeled and cast by hand using a traditional Moroccan sand casting method.

The artist on his work:

"In creating these works, I was interested in exploring and enhancing the shape of the heart, a shape that is so recognizable yet simultaneously dynamic. The vases that came as a result of this process are visually different from one another, changing with every angle. However, they are similar in the sense that they are all compelling and seductive in their own way. My inspiration was sensuality. I started out by producing prototypes from the cold, wet, malleable terra-cotta, molding their distinct forms with my hands. Once they were cast in bronze, the new material added another layer of allure to the vases."

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