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Dimensions: Height: 31" - Seat: 17" - Width: 25" - Depth: 30"

Medium: Felt and wood

After an initial attempt to defy the configurator and get around its set limitations, Georgis & Mirgorodsky allowed themselves to completely submit to its demands and play along. They discovered that embracing its constraints sparked their imagination in new and unexpected ways, allowing them to overlay unintended meaning onto the object and imbue it with a piece of each of themselves. The nautical stripe effect immediately led them to Querelle, the handsome Belgian sailor and queer cinema icon at the center of Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s 1982 arthouse film. Based on the book by Jean Genet, the story is set in a French port town where sex, drugs and violence collide with our unlikely hero’s quest for identity. This commanding club chair brings undeniable sex appeal and presence to its environment.

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